This Week’s Good Reads: Evolution 2015, Lost Carbon Sink, and New Pew Data

1) Climate Change: Weighing the World’s Trees, Nature News Feature, Gabriel Popkin

2) New info on what social factors predict people’s choices about controversial science issues. Take home message: It’s not always education, or political affiliation, or religion, or any other social identifier that most influences what people think. It really depends on the issue, which means each issue takes tailoring messages for a particular audience. Americans, Politics, and Science Issues, Pew Research Center, Cary Funk & Lee Rainy

3) Evolution 2015 just happened in Guarujá, Brazil. Tweets at this hashtag: #Evol2015

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 4.31.02 PM

4) Hybrid Zones: Windows on Climate Change, Trends in Ecology & Evolution, Scott A. Taylor et al. [paywall, c’mon, TREE]

5) @AcademicsSay: The Story Behind a Social Media Experiment, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Nathan Hall

6) Gene Expression Analysis–Are We Doing It Wrong?, The Molecular Ecologist, Melissa DeBiasse

7) Leisure Activities: The Power of a Pastime, Nature, Chris Woolston

8) Job Security for Early Career Researchers Is a Significant Factor in Helping Research Make an Impact, London School of Economics and Political Science Blog, Siobahn Phillips & Rhona Heywood Roos

9) Using Twitter to Communicate Conservation Science Beyond Professional Conferences, Conservation Biology, Sara P. Bomabaci et al. [paywall]

10) Perceptions of Manipulation and Judgments of Illegitimacy: Pitfalls in the Use of Emphasis Framing when Communicating about CO2 Capture and Storage, Environmental Communication, Gerdien de Vries et al. [paywall]

11) Sexual Conflict Maintains Variation at an Insecticide Resistant Locus, BMC Biology, Wayne G. Rostant et al. [paywall, but press release here]

12) Science Frauds Who Steal Tons of Federal Money Almost Never Go to Jail, BuzzFeed, Azeen Ghorayshi and Cat Ferguson

13) Science Is Heroic, With a Tragic (Statistical) Flaw, ScienceNews, Tom Siegfried

14) A Bayesian Approach to Mitigation of Publication Bias, Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, M. Guan & J. Vandekerckhove

15) Where to See a Rare Firefly Mating Dance, NY Times, Joanna Klein

16) Monkey’s Uncles, Evolution, and the South, The Science of the South, Craig McClain

17) California Academy of Sciences is hiring 6 ecological scientists who focus on science communication and diversity in science. Job posting here.


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