We’ve All Been There: Fieldwork Fails

My favorite hashtag trend this week (and maybe this year) by far was #Fieldworkfail, where scientists doing fieldwork share anecdotes of times where the unexpected or their own oversight cost them some hard-won data. There’s nothing like fieldwork to teach you to go with the flow because s*** happens. And the community of field researchers really came together to say, “We’ve all been there.” It’s only through these happenstances and missteps of unpreparedness that you learn to do fieldwork well–and to roll with the punches Mother Nature throws at you. The response to this hashtag perfectly captures the humor and perseverance required of field researchers. Check out the Storify of the responses here, organized by theme. The hashtag is still trending, so you can still share your best stories, too. And, below are some of my favorites:


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