Communicating Science Across the Divide: Lessons from the Climate Change & Vaccination Debates

I recently spoke at Emory & Henry College about topics debated in the public sphere that are not debated among scientists, and what those debates teach us about science communication. You can view the slides from that lecture above. Unpacking … Continue reading

Debriefing after the Ecological Society of America’s Centennial Meeting

In lieu of my weekly reading list, I am summarizing the broad take-home messages I picked up at the centennial meeting of the Ecological Society of America last week in Baltimore. You can check out the conversation on Twitter at #ESA100, although … Continue reading

Journalists Should Act Like Journalists, Not Like Scientists

A couple of days ago, Christie Aschwanden blogged on The Last Word on Nothing about the recent misreported rape story in Rolling Stone. She makes some good points about the case, most notably that it seems the reporters approached their sources with a story … Continue reading