This Week’s Good Reads: Ecologists’ Favorite Statistical Methods, How Biodiversity Inhibits Parasites, and Distractingly Sexist Scientists

1) Last week, I discussed the NY Times’ coverage of retractions in science, which failed to acknowledge that more retractions actually could mean science is doing a better job of outing bad science. Although it’s far from ideal that these retractions happen … Continue reading

A bumblebee killer does not cause population declines. Why is that?

Check out Roadside Science’s new post on the conopid fly, which does to bumblebees basically what the baby alien does to the astronaut lady in the movie Alien, as you can see in this video. Writer Carolyn Beans has a cool … Continue reading

One extinction leads to another…. And then what happens?

Worldwide, 97 of more than 280 carnivores are on the IUCN Red List of Endangered Species. These carnivores host parasites and diseases, some that are specialists and others that are generalists and can infect many different species of host. One … Continue reading

Favorite talks at ESA 2013

At the Ecological Society of America’s international meeting in Minneapolis last week, there were so many cool things to learn about, I felt like a kid in a candy store (as the EEB & Flow blog aptly put it). A … Continue reading